The concept of E-store

E-store is software/platform for grocery shops. Where rather than making websites, it is a portal wherein customer orders based on the product listings and the kirana stores receives the order on the portal. It manages the products and enhances the efficiency. Products are sent based on the requirements of the customer as we are here to enhance customer service experience. E-store operates digitally and person doesn’t have to physically go to the grocery store. He/she can order via their devices while sitting in the comfort of their home only. But it is a brick and mortar store with some technical improvements. It is very much like a virtual store which offers dedicated assistance to the consumer. Even discounts/prices/features are displayed which helps the consumers to make a decision on the purchase.



E-store is a platform that enables to manage store online,costomer's requirements and offering dedicated assistance to the costomer and improving the efficiency.

E-Store emphasize the strengths and capacities of your products and services, thus making your brand well-known amongst your competitors at the online marketplace.

Price: Rupees 3999/-Per Year

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About Us

We have been in the IT Services business since 2012 having worked with multiple clients from different regions catering to their needs. We offer dedicated assistance to the customers related to their requirements which includes email setup, IVR setup, SMS services and ticket management solution to enhance the customer support services.

We have a great passion for assisting entrepreneurs and startups.

Advantages of E-Store

Saves effort and time


Ease of shopping at home.


Wide range of products available.


Good discounts / low price.


Detailed information of the product is available.


Comparison of various models / brands can be done.

Benefits of E-Store

This kind of shopping saves customer’s time. Shopping is possible from home or work place and customers don’t have to spend time traveling.

Attractive discounts are available.

The finish, features and price of the products are on display, one can also make price comparisons.


TMS stands for Ticket management system wherein complaint or ticket is raised to the concerned person/department to whom the ticket is assigned. It is a process where the customer is updated and resolution is provided according to the ticket status.

A ticket management system helps full-fledged businesses. Takes into consideration all complaints, feedback, suggestion, queries, and tracks the action. Ticket id or ticket reference is given to the customer.

The ticket management system is organized ticket-based resolution of customer queries with a unique feature of ERT (Estimate Resolution Time). TMS provides customer support to businesses. For example: if your printer is not working properly, you can raise the ticket against which timely resolution will be provided.

TMS is a piece of software that organizes the issues. It helps to create, update and report. Issues reported by internal employees are also taken into consideration. It organizes information in a central location.

What it does is make your life easier. Makes your business more productive, and keeps the customers happy.

It shows the whole conversation, status updates, priority level, and due dates. Agents will now be able to assign tickets, close, merge, delete and filter by various categories in one place. Now, connecting to customers is easy and streamlining processes is way easier. Our management system has many benefits for entrepreneurs as well as small and large business organizations, as one has great access to all the customer information, - to provide customers better service leading to more sales.

Price: Rupees 8000/-Per Year

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Benefits of TMS

Aim is to get happier, satisfied customers. Servicing, selling, marketing is carried out in an organized and systematic manner. One can offer better services to their customers by a better comprehension of their issues.

One also receives feedback from customers regarding the products. The foremost thing is to fulfill your customers' needs. Our management software lets this happen effectively.

Features of a Good TMS

Customer experience-oriented: we are here to enhance customer service experiences. It’s not about offering the correct answers all the way but being with the customers every step of the way, and making sure that their needs are satisfied incomplete manner. After the ticket has been answered, tell and suggest them to leave feedback about their experience. This will let you understand the loopholes and you can receive feedback. You can change the services and make them better.

Reporting Tools of TMS

The first step is knowing what needs to improved altogether. That is why insights are the most important feature of a better ticket managing system. Depending upon the requests you receive, you get to see what customers are looking for, how they are catered to and answered, and how the team is performing as a whole. So, this is how the TMS (a piece of software) organizes the issues.


Let's connect costumer via sms avail this feature just in Rupees. 0.09/-


Costomers can get real time alerts/updates, Run alerts for your privilage costomers ,Price on request.


Costomers can get real time E-mails/updates, Run E-mail for your privilage costomers ,Price on request.


We provide Chatbot integration service which refer to the process of incorporating chatbots into existing websites/platforms, or applications to enhance functionality, improve user experience, and customer support. These integration services typically involve connecting the chatbot with various data sources, APIs and backend systems.


Easy,Organised, Ticket management system,Ticket based resolution of costomer query with loaded feature of ERT (Estimate Resolution Time), TMS helps business to provide support to their costomers. Price on request.

Ads Campaign

A campaign allows you to promote your products or servicing using our platform in single click campaign to your target consumers, Price on Request.

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